This is a poem inspired by a piece of prose I wrote before university. You can find the piece here

Peace, little Waker,
Calm your rabbit heart.
You’ve naught to fear here
For it is your new start.
Feel the boat rock
Beneath your little frame,
Listen to my song
And let your spirit be tame.

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Boats in the Sky

This is a piece I created for my portfolio when I was applying for university. Later in the year I wrote a poem on the same theme, which you can find here.

The silence was what woke me.

It was the heavy sort of silence that presses onto your ears, unnatural, uncomfortable. That kind of silence which makes you feel that something’s not quite right before you even open your eyes… And now, awake yet still not entirely alert, several other curious things came to my attention. First, it made no difference whether I held my eyes open or closed. It was entirely black either way. Second, the pressure that I originally sensed in my ears seemed to be crushing my entire body. Third, I wasn’t breathing.

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Sunny Day

Life really isn’t anything like it is in the movies. In that world when good things happen, the sun shines and the birds sing and everyone in the entire world seems to grin like an idiot. Funerals are always miserable and rainy. When someone’s angry there’s lightning or there’s something else that just sounds really… Grrr! I learnt about that in school. The teacher called it… Pathetic fallacy? I think it was that. Something about making the emotions more obvious or something. I’m probably wrong though, I’m not very good at English. But wouldn’t it be so much easier if the world worked like that? You’d know exactly what was going on, at the time it was going on, no faffing about. Sounds great, in my own humble opinion.

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