This is a poem inspired by a piece of prose I wrote before university. You can find the piece here

Peace, little Waker,
Calm your rabbit heart.
You’ve naught to fear here
For it is your new start.
Feel the boat rock
Beneath your little frame,
Listen to my song
And let your spirit be tame.

Hush, little Waker,
Do not make a sound
Or else the spell will shatter,
Instead listen all around.
Hear the music of life
Distant from this dark lake
And yet so very near.
First a choice you must make.

Look, little Waker,
At all the stars to see!
Each is a path, all unique,
One of them yours will be.
Some will bring toil,
Others the truest peace,
Choose wisely little one,
There is no room for caprice.

Choose, little Waker!
Now is the deciding hour,
Else your existence will cease!
Will you choose a flower,
Loyal wolf in pack,
Or man who wrecks and burns?
It is all within your power,
So accept and be born.


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