Say Nothing

Once again you make that face,
You bite your tongue,
Say nothing.

No matter what I do for you
You never make a sound,
Say nothing.

I give you all my boundless love
Yet reply you never do.
Say something.

My fiery passion belongs to you,
So why do you not answer?
Say anything.

You have left me with nothing
But my undying love for you,
Please, speak to me.

I will lend you my shoulder to cry on,
My ear to listen to your troubles,
Why do you not speak to me?

I love you, I love you,
I will always love you,
So why do you not reply?
All I need is an answer,
Not this awful silence,
Not that worried face,
just a single phrase:
I love you too

No, you say, I don’t love you.
Leave me alone, you say.
You’re a stalker, you say.
I’ll call the police, you say.
Put that away, you say.
Please don’t, you say.
Help, you scream.

No longer do you make that face,
Your silence bothers me no longer.
Say nothing.


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