The Fairy Ring

Another piece written for university.


“Ma, look! I’m flying! Wheeee!”

All children like to play pretend. Watching my daughter run around the meadow, her jacket spread in her arms like wings, I knew that she was no different. Anyone could see that Ash was a normal five-year-old with a slightly overactive imagination. There was no way I could complain, knowing that I was the same as a child. As I grew older I transferred my creativity and imagination to various different pursuits, my favourite of which was theatre. When my mother visited us, she always mentioned that Ash was just like me as a child and that she was looking forward to seeing us both on the stage. It was always nice to have such a supportive family. Continue reading


A Thousand Stars

Another exercise from university. The subject matter was “cause and effect”. 



Bright lights reflected all around, sparking off the wet concrete. Flashes refracted through heavy droplets, illuminating them till they looked like a thousand falling stars, waiting for wishes to be made. The sky was cracked in a million places where the sun peeked through the angry black clouds, letting through ribbons of light which dissipated before they could reach the expansive green planes around the road. Continue reading

On Blogging…

Social media really has never been a strength of mine. I create the accounts, keep them up for a while, then magically forget about their existence for a gosh-darn lifetime before remembering them again. Whether it be a blog, a Twitter, or a Facebook page, they’re all bound with the same fate.

This realisation (or, more accurately, admittance) has made me think that maybe, just maybe, I should improve my social media presence. So, from here on out I will aim to post more regularly, if only one of these little scribbles to update what’s been going on. I feel like, in this day and age, it’s probably the best way to connect with a majority of people.

I hope to see you readerlings more often!!

The Itch

A piece I wrote for a university assignment. “Freestyle” piece. 

“Miss Freis, I can assure you that you’ll be perfectly fine.” The doctor said, looking down her nose at me with eyebrow raised and an artificial smile tugging at her mouth. Under her hand was a little green slip, scrawled on with illegible writing that I hoped the pharmacist downstairs would understand. At least the prescription was more or less printed at the top. “Please take this downstairs for me, you’ll want to use this ointment twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. Just like we discussed.” Continue reading